Sunday, July 30, 2006


Slow Cookery

I know we all love our crock pots - if you are getting married soon, make sure to register for a big crock pot, the models that have a removeable bowl are the easiest to clean.

Italian Beef in a Bucket
3.5 lbs. beef roast, sirloin tip or rump roast (whatever is on sale)
12 oz. jar italian giardiniera ** - drained (use 1/2)
12 oz. jar pepperoncini (use 1/2)
1 envelope italian salad dressing (zesty if they have it)
10 oz. can reduced sodium beef broth

Place roast in crock pot.
Mix all other ingredients together, draining oil form giardiniera. Add to crock pot.
Cover and cook on LOW for 18 hours (yes, 18 hours).
Meat will be extremly tender and the house will smell super yummy!
Pull meat apart with a fork and serve on crusty rolls or hoagie buns, Jocko likes his with a slice of provolone cheese.

** Giardiniera is a mix of peppers packed in oil and is sold in the italian section of the grocery store. It is not to the "Garden Mix" of cauliflower, red pepper, onion and carrot.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am starting to plan my meals for football season and if I have to make beef stew once a week I will kill myself!
Jay will love this - and it makes a ton, would work well for a party. I usually freeze half of the leftovers and we eat the rest later in the week.
I loooove slow cooker stuff! PS I like your name, too! Alanna ;-D
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